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Directions To Our Lab

Many of our in-person testing appointments take place at our lab space on One Park Ave (between 32nd and 33rd Streets). Below you can find building access instructions. Please also let our team know if you need help arranging transportation to/from our lab.

  • Access the building from the 1 Park Avenue main entrance via the revolving doors - marked with a yellow star on the right

  • Pass the front desk / security officers on your left. Please note, that you may need to complete a COVID-19 Attestation form upon arrival.

  • If security officers ask, please kindly inform them that you have an appointment with the SCAN Lab on the 7th floor of 1 Park Avenue. They may ask for proof of this appointment in the form of an email, or they may call our lab to confirm.

  • In this instance, please call the cell phone of the person you will be meeting in the lab, as provided in your visit scheduling email. You may also try contacting our office phone at 646-754-5095.

  • Once cleared, walk past the front desk and turn right towards the elevators. Press the button to call the elevator, then select floor 7 once in the elevator​.

  • Once on the 7th floor, a study staff member will be there to greet you and walk you to the study location.​

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